Hat Block No.30

This beret is a simple classic shape, its sloped, the highest point taken from the middle of the block measures 7cm or just under 3inches.  The beauty of this block comes from the curved side, providing a deep fit for the hat.  At the deepest point from the inside of the brim the block measures 4cm, over 1.5inches.  Other dimensions are as follows:

Diameter: 69cm or just over 27 inches – please note that this hat sits best on the side, so hence the diameter is quite large.  For an example how the finished hat could look like, please refer to my main site at www.martinabohn.com and look for ‘Surprise spider’ hat.

Measurement from front to end taken from the middle of the block:  26cm or just over 10inches.

The cost for hire is £8 for one week and £14 for two weeks. Security is £60.

Top view Classic French Beret

Underside view Classic French Beret