How to order

Choose a hat

If you are interested in ordering any of my hats but want a different  colour/shape combination please contact me to discuss it – I make hats to order.   Please note that each hat is handmade and unique, therefore there might be slight variations in colour and shape for each product.

Once you have chosen a hat you will need to provide your head size.

Any order can be gift wrapped and send in a hat box for safe storage of the hat.

Orders are dispatched by special delivery within the UK.  For any oversees delivery please email me for information.

Head measurement

To measure your own head take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of the head, slightly above the ears. If you can, please use a metric tape and provide your head size in mm.


All my hats are handmade using high quality felt or other material.  I take a deposit of 25 per cent when you place your order.  Orders take about two to three weeks.  If you require a hat more urgently, please email me with your request.

I can accept payment from all major credit cards, bank transfer or cash.

Contact me to place an order

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