martina at work making a hatI have experimented with a number of different hat making techniques and currently use a traditional way of felt blocking for most of the hats on sale here.   Using mainly vintage blocks, I create modern hats by adding unusual buttons, insects, like scorpions or grasshoppers (all made from textiles) or other materials to the design.

The hats I make are either with a splash of colour or with a touch of sparkle and are all easy to wear.  I believe that hats are a great way to add fun to any wardrobe and dress up in an instant. The women who love wearing my hats are endorsing life, are fun loving people, who like to add some quirkiness into their wardrobe.

I have collaborated on a number of photo shoots and creative projects and in 2013 was selected by Craft Central to be part of a major design exhibition, Head to Toe, representing contemporary millinery.

Born in Germany, I have lived and worked in Australia, Belgium and England.  Each country has influenced my design and I love finding unusual materials whilst travelling and using them on the hats.   I currently live in the Essex countryside close to London, where I have my studio.

My training

For the last few years, I have been training under the fantastic Milliner Andrew McDonald, who holds a Master Degree from the Royal College of Art.  Andrew teaches the traditional techniques of blocking, steaming and hand sews all material used.

I have sat up my millinery business in 2010, following the successful completion of a number of training workshops in millinery design.

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